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Overnight shipping is essential for e-commerce stores that specialize in easily perishable goods. Even if it's not, you want to ensure that the product reaches the customer as soon as possible, in its full glamor, to ensure customer satisfaction.

The shipping process for e-commerce involves a lot of things. Everything from inventory to packaging should happen quickly so that the orders can be shipped the same night. Here are some best overnight shipping solutions that you can rely on.

  1. Using a multi-carrier shipping option

    Multi-carrier shipping helps expedite the whole process and to ensure the product reaches the end customer on time. In multi-carriers, more than one national or international carrier is involved. You can find a carrier that ships your product overnight and then a second one that can easily pick it up midway and deliver it to your customer.

    This way, you will have the hold on your complete shipping process, and so based on the customers' needs, you can choose to expedite the shipping process or process it in the standard processing duration.
  1. Go for FedEX or USPS

    If you feel that the multi-carrier option is not, go for either FedEx or USPS. FedEx has priority shipping, allowing you to ship your goods at the earliest. But you have to hand over the item to them within the stipulated time to ensure that it is shipped overnight.

    If you are looking for the cheapest overnight shipping services, you can choose the United States Postal Services' priority shipping. They, too, do it reliably and are much cheaper when compared to FedEx. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee if the item doesn't reach the required doorstep on time.
  1. Go for retail fulfillment services

    Retail fulfillment services are responsible for packing and shipping your products. They even store it in their warehouses. This way, you don't have to worry about the inventory, the packaging, or shipping. You can send them the packaging design and criteria. They pack it as per your needs and deliver the package, even overnight, if requested.

    Finding a retail fulfillment service that meets your requirements can take time and effort. However, it is essential to do your due diligence before choosing one. Further, you can maintain good customer relations if your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

    You can also easily coordinate with the retail fulfillment agency to learn more about your stock inventory and restock the items when needed.

Why should you start thinking about overnight shipments?

Overnight shipments ensure that your products reach on time. It's an added feature that enhances your value as a brand among the customers. You can deliver easily perishable items on time so that the customers get them while it's still usable. It is vital if you specialize in custom-made beauty products, food items, or medical solutions.

Word-of-mouth publicity is guaranteed if you ensure your products reach the customer on time. Customer satisfaction will skyrocket if they get your products on time. Another plus point is that you get more and more sales when the word spreads that you provide a prompt delivery service.

Overnight shipping also ensures that your products leave the warehouse faster than they reach the shelves. It means you can include more items in the same warehouse and save a lot of money if renting the space from someone.


Final Thoughts

Overnight shipping solutions are indeed a feather to your customer relations' crown. But before you jump in, know that overnight shipping is expensive compared to the standard shipping process. Therefore, make sure the added shipping cost isn't robbing you of the profit, and try to find the cheapest overnight shipping solutions around your place. If you find the right solution that fits your e-commerce business, consider yourselves lucky.


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