4 Landing Page Best Practices For E-Commerce in 2023 – A Self-Checklist

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The goal for creating a fantastic e-commerce website: make it eye-catching!

Didn't get it?

Imagine this, which shop are you highly likely to go to? The one that is neatly organized with a beautiful aesthetic and provides excellent support and assistance, or a shop that isn't organized and all its products are cluttered, with little to no support or service from the staff?

Obviously, the first one, right? Not only does a beautifully organized shop catch your attention, but it will also make you spend more time there than you intend to. This is precisely the goal of creating a fantastic e-commerce website.

The landing page is the most crucial page of your website because this is where a user or potential customer lands when they click the digital ads or links. It creates the first impression on the visitor and, therefore, should be memorable enough so they explore more.

4 landing page best practices to implement in your e-commerce site for 2023

To provide an amazing user experience, adopt these 5 landing page best practices:

1. Declutter your landing page

The first thing you need to implement is to reduce the elements piled upon your website and make it straight to the point, simple and sweet. The landing page should be created with clear intent – to attract your customers and make them go through the brand pages and purchase.

Here's how you can declutter your website landing page:

  • Rewrite your headlines and make them to the point, short, and easily understandable
  • Give a clear Call To Action
  • Use high-quality and relevant images that don't lag your website performance
  • List out the product details in bullet points
  • Stick to a pleasing and organized template
  • Avoid large chunks of content. Shorten them.

2. Include a value proposition

This might seem a bit out of place for an e-commerce site, but let's make 2023 a year to take some risks.

A brand's value proposition details what it offers to its existing and future customers and what it promises to deliver in the coming time.

In short, it's a brief statement that tells your customer why they should go with your brand. The value proposition helps you stand out.

You can include a simple value proposition in the landing page, and that sets the tempo for what the customer can expect from your brand.

3. Have a clean user interface

As mentioned above, make sure your website looks pleasing to the visitors. Include what's absolutely necessary and remove everything else.

Follow a color theme throughout the website. Your landing page should be of an attractive color palette, and this pattern should also be followed for the rest of the pages. This way, the customer won't feel uncomfortable with the random color choices.

Further, the visitor should be able to navigate to the other pages seamlessly and effortlessly. Include a chatbot or a support chat service if you have the bandwidth. This also improves the customer experience.

4. Use a good font.

We can't stress this enough. Your goal is to make the users stay and not give them a headache just by trying to read the content on your website.

No fancy, curly fonts.

Use a standard font and ensure it's big enough so the visitors don't have to strain their eyes reading it. The color of the font is also as important as its size. Choose a color that properly contrasts with your website background.


Final Thoughts

The landing page for an e-commerce website should be simple with a concise call to action and should embody the true essence of your brand.

To make the site attractive, you can flash the news of the sale or offers that are currently available on the landing page. You can also use retail marketing to showcase the top-performing brands and their products.

Whatever you do, make sure there are no broken links on your landing page, the navigation is super smooth, and it is a perfect balance between words and pictures.


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