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Things are going well for the B2B e-commerce brands even though there's a cloud of economic impact shadowing all types of business. You can foolproof your B2B e-commerce store if you adopt the right trends and stay updated with the flow. Here's a list of the top B2B e-commerce trends you might want to adopt in 2023.

1. Bringing the sustainability factor into your e-commerce business

A massive chunk of the B2B e-commerce customers is millennials. If you want to build a loyal customer base, then you have to cater to the views of present and future buyers. And this will be the story for this year, the following year, and so on.

Millennials deeply believe in the concept of sustainability as a measure to tackle some of the worse issues that the planet earth is facing. You could also come out as a supporter of the view and make your store as sustainable as possible. You can start by going paperless from here on for all your transactions, choosing a sustainable shipping and delivery option, and even opting for sustainable packaging.

2. Contextualized real-time prizing to improve sales and reach

When you adopt the contextualized real-time pricing strategy for your e-commerce business, you are offering a personalized experience to your customers and urging them to go deeper down the sales funnel.

With this strategy, you can offer competitive pricing options to the required customers across all online and offline channels. Certain variables are considered to determine which customers will come under this strategy. For example, suppose you notice a customer has been purchasing from you regularly as a token of gratitude. In that case, you can slash down some prices for them while the prices remain the same for the rest of the customers.

3. Optimizing your e-commerce store for mobile shoppers

Optimize your website to be smoothly operated from all kinds of mobile devices. Even though a good percentage of B2B shopping happens via the website store, a certain percentage prefers the comfort of mobile shopping. Cater to them.

4. Amp up your social media game.

This might come as a surprise, but social media marketing works for B2B e-commerce stores, just like in the case of B2C stores.

But social media apps might be different. Consider LinkedIn in your social media strategy and establish your presence there. That said, remember to focus on Tik Tok and Instagram.

You will be surprised to know that more than 46% of e-commerce buyers thoroughly search social media before deciding. But the reality is that less than 15% of the e-commerce stores catering to the B2B segment have a strong presence on various social media apps. So this is your sign that you should improve your social profiles.

5. Jumping on the omnichannel strategy bandwagon

Yes, the omnichannel approach is fresh and must be adopted if you want to stay afloat. The logic behind this strategy is simple, be where your potential customers are. Customers may be aware of your site. They might browse for a minute or two and may not complete the purchase even though they have added items to the cart.

So if you were present in another marketplace, like the Facebook marketplace, and, say, a highly directed ad of the item that was added to the cart popped up, they are likely to make the purchase via the marketplace.


Final Thoughts

Yes, the above tactics are tried and tested by the B2C e-commerce stores, and studies show that the same strategies also produce promising results for the B2B industry. Start slow, but make sure you start before it's too late and saturated.

For example, the sustainability approach may not work five years from now. But the trend of today might become the norm of tomorrow.

Adopting strategies that show some promising results at an early stage ensures that your B2B e-commerce store stays above the rest and still gets a fair share of customers.


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