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If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, know that trending products can get you good fortune. If you source the products and sell them on your e-commerce site, you can quickly get a good number of orders. The same goes for seasonal goods. These products, therefore, needn't be stocked in your warehouse for too long. Once the trend is over, you can clear them out and make room for the next set of trending products.

Here are 5 of the trending products now that will fetch you a good number of orders:

1. Matcha Tea

Even after its initial popularity, matcha tea continues to be one of the top-selling and trending e-commerce products of recent years. The keyword Matcha has a search volume of over 886K, making it an excellent addition to e-commerce stores.

Nutrition and caffeine enthusiasts are raving about its qualities and preferring it over other traditionally consumed beverages like coffee for its health benefits. This is the right time to source some good quality matcha and market them on your website as a healthy morning beverage alternative to traditional coffee-based drinks.

2. Air Purifiers

With the global air quality dropping and Covid-19 still in the scenario, the demand for air purifiers is higher than ever. The search volume for the keyword Air Purifier is said to be over 613K.

The search volume numbers saw a significant increase once the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, and ever since, it is continuing to increase at an unprecedented rate. So rack in some excellent and affordable air purifiers in your warehouse. They are sure to sell out soon.

3. Power banks

This might sound surprising, but the need for power banks is continuously increasing. Even though there was a sudden decline in the purchase of power banks during the covid 19 pandemic, once the restrictions eased, people started searching for good quality power banks that can power their phones all day while they are out.

The keyword has over 638K search volume. It is expected to increase as more and more countries ease the covid-19 restrictions, and people get back to indulging in outdoor activities.

4. Dog harness

Dog harnesses are essential for a dog's well-being when they are outside. Fashionable dog harnesses are quite a trend, and the search volume peaked at over 190K for the word dog harness in the last year.

5. Sofa beds

The keyword sofa bed has over 798K search volume in a year. It will still increase as minimalized and aesthetic decors are still in trend. Further, people are looking to optimize the available space, and sofa beds are the best way to save space and money. So stack up some aesthetically pleasing and space-saving sofa beds in your inventory.

How to find out the trending products

If you want to find trending products, the best way would be to first find the keywords with the highest search volume. For example, if you are an e-commerce entity specializing in beauty products and ship your goods to all places in the US, then look for the trending beauty and lifestyle-related keywords in different states of the US.

Another way would be to follow and keep up on the TikTok and Instagram trends. Many social media users blindly follow their Instagram influencers and buy products that they recommend. So following the relevant Instagram/TikTok influencers will help you get an idea of the trending products and get a peek at their comment section to understand what their audience thinks about them.


Final thoughts

If you are optimistic about selling on-trend items, you must be quick about it. For this, your distributor network should be strong, and your shipping infrastructure should be able to handle the volume of orders. Strengthening this at an earlier stage of your e-commerce startup is essential to ensuring that you can quickly accommodate trending and seasonal items in your store and that your customers receive them before the trend is gone.


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