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Let's start with a simple question: what is customer experience?

Customer experience comprises everything from discovering your products to post-purchase support. Simply put, it describes how your brand made customers feel during their shopping journey.

Why should you focus on e-commerce customer experience as a brand?

Customer experience is much valued now. Consumers are more than aware of their rights and have the right to have a pleasant experience while purchasing products and services. It is also a crucial factor that decides whether they would repurchase the product again or not.

5 ways to improve the customer experience for E-commerce

Since brands and businesses worldwide are prioritizing creating an excellent customer experience for their customers, you, too, should jump on the trend wagon. It is a way to ensure that your customers are happy and ignites the word-of-mouth marketing tactic.

1. Optimize your website to provide a smooth customer buying journey

Your customer should quickly make a decision when they visit your website. Simply put, you should easily transition them from the top of the sales funnel to the closing stage without them knowing. It is the goal.

Maintaining a stellar website would do the trick. To start with, make sure your website appeals to your customer. It should be easy to find and easier to use on both desktop and mobile.

The website should only have necessary content, not keyword-stuffed, half-baked content that will prompt the customer to look the other way.

2. Provide a personalized digital experience

Customers love when brands address their issues and provide catered solutions that solve their problems to some extent. As this is the era of data, use data analytics to understand your customers and try providing a personalized experience.

It could be personalized emails, timely on-site recommendations based on their previous searches, and current cart or targeted ads.

3. Improve your customer support

Be there when your customer wants you the most. Provide a fantastic customer support experience by employing chatbots, live chat support, automated email responses, and easy-to-fill query forms.

Customers want the brand to understand their concerns without filling out thousands of request forms and emails. Your goal as an e-commerce brand is to provide the same. If you can't employ various customer support methods, be present in one and provide reliable info in a few steps.

4. Process returns smoothly

Returns are only sometimes a pleasant thing, both for the customers and the brands. But instead of denying the claims and laying out a thousand excuses why the return isn't possible, level up your game and provide them with an excellent return processing experience.

There's a common notion that when people return a product, it's always because the product didn't reach or match their expectations and e-commerce owners dread that they may not purchase from them again. It isn't true. If you can establish excellent communication with the customer and provide them with a smooth returns process, they will fall in love even more with your brand and how well they were treated during the whole process.

5. Curate the content on your website to provide detailed info on the products

You should do it now if you still need to add product descriptions and images on your product pages. Provide all the information a customer expects right on the product listing page. Display it so the users can easily find out where it is without struggling to read it.

Include the right content in the proper form. For example, instead of writing the product description in long paras, break it down into bullets. It would be easier for the customer to get the gist of the content within seconds.


Final Thoughts

Those are 5 ways to level up your customer experience and scale up your e-commerce business. Custom experience is crucial and a major deciding factor for most customers. Make the product and the buying experience worth their while. That's the goal!


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