6 Psychological Triggers in E-commerce that Boost Online Sales

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When running a successful business online, you first need to understand the psychology of your customer base. Once you get into the minds of your target crowd, you'd be in a position to curate a marketing strategy that's precise and accurate. You can help you boost your online sales. After all, marketing is all about tapping into the end customer's behavioral traits for your business's benefit.

Experts have analyzed some critical behavioral traits that work as ‘triggers' for humans, especially when they are shopping. These are some general traits that can be applied to all e-commerce websites. What are these e-commerce psychological triggers? We'll be telling you the vital psychological triggers you need to incorporate in your marketing strategy to boost your online sales instantly – let's have a look:

1. Compelling Customer Reviews and Ratings

When a customer likes a product, the first thing they do is scroll down to check the reviews and ratings the product has received from others who've already used the product. This gives them a sense of reassurance and confidence to go ahead with the purchase. You must showcase customer reviews on all platforms, not just your e-commerce website. Ensure they're clearly visible on all social media platforms, datasheets, and even emails you send to customers.

2. Create A Sense of Urgency

‘Will be Out of Stock Today!' or ‘Flat 50% off on Purchases For the Next Two Hours' – these are some ways to create a sense of urgency. Discounts, limited-time deals, or some hard-to-overlook offers can do the trick! Customers will be lured to make instant purchases as they want to experience the mind-blowing deals you're offering them.

3. Use Influencers and Celebrities for Marketing

Like reviews and ratings, using influencers and celebrities to advocate for your products or services can also help boost your e-commerce business. When a famous person markets your product, people instantly think: ‘If this person also uses this product, it must definitely be worth it – so let's buy it!'. Influencers and celebs work wonders, especially for e-commerce businesses.

4. Offer Free Goodies

Let's be honest – everyone loves free stuff! So if you're looking to attract people towards your products, try offering them free samples, gifts, coupons, or other appealing things. If they try out your products via these methods and they love them, you're most likely to gain a customer who would be willing to pay to purchase your products. And here's the deal – this is the best and most used psychological trigger in the e-commerce world – so go ahead, use it!

5. Curiosity Helps You Bag the Customer

Humans are curious by nature – so if you want to attract the attention of the masses to your products, simply generate a buzz around your e-commerce website, products, or new campaign you plan to unveil! Reveal just enough information to create curiosity among people, and then keep giving out bits and pieces of info to hold onto their attention. This would keep them hooked, wondering where your campaign leads them while generating much traffic to your website.

6. Use Interesting Visuals

The human brain is exposed to so much information out there. So you need to work on creating a unique and memorable website. Opting for generic stuff won't help; instead, create a website that your customer base would find interesting and easy to navigate. Use vibrant colors, appealing visuals, and quirky texts to create a fantastic e-commerce website.

Summing Up

As a digital store, you must go the extra mile to ensure your customers have a comfortable, brick-and-mortar store-like experience even when shopping online. Analyzing customer behavior and preferences can help create a user-friendly yet attractive e-commerce business.

We've given you the basics of psychological triggers that you can use to improve sales on your e-commerce platforms. The human brain is unique and can be influenced by various factors – make sure you tap on these triggers and make the most of them for your website!

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