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Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach out to your customers and instill curiosity. But if it needs to be done right, you will be simply wasting your budget and might even be annoying your existing customer base.

Here are some common email marketing mistakes that e-commerce entrepreneurs usually make:

1. Not sending a welcome/hello email

The first ever email you send to your customer should be a welcome or hello email. Ideally, introduce your brand or how you ended up in their email box. You could type in a simple “message from the founder.”

You could also address them humanely by inserting something personalized, like how the last purchase with us went, hope the product is worth your time, and so on. Something that juggles the customer's memory and helps them remember your brand.

End the email with a thank you note expressing your gratitude for signing up for your regular email updates. A slight note of their value to the brand could also add a personal touch.

2. Need to optimize the emails for your mobile

More than 60% of email users open their email accounts on their mobile phones and scroll through them on their way to work. If your email is optimized for phones, you are able to get a huge chunk of customers. They might ignore or, even worse, unsubscribe from your emails.

So when you create a promotional email or a newsletter, make sure it's mobile optimized. If there are any ‘Click to Action' (CTA) buttons, then mobile users should be able to use them as well.

3. Not including CTA

CTAs are an essential part of an email. If it isn't present, then the whole email is pointless. Your welcome email need not contain any CTAs, as it is purely meant to establish a connection with your customers. But all other emails, including the newsletters, should have proper CTAs.

4. Need to maintain a proper gap between the emails

Sending emails too frequently isn't healthy for your email marketing campaign. There's a tendency that the customer might send them straight to the bin or spam it.

Ideally, send one email daily and send it out every alternate day. This helps the customer to catch up with the emails and take action.

5. Sending email without permission

The customer might have given you the email to register for your product. You can still send them corporate marketing emails. Specifically, ask for their permission before dropping them an email.

Suppose you send an email without asking for their permission. In that case, it can result in numerous lawsuits as it's considered a violation of privacy.

Including the unsubscribe button at the end of every email is also essential. If customers accidentally subscribe to the emails, they can relieve themselves of it by clicking it.

6. Writing a massive essay for the content

Keep the emails short and sweet. No elaborate essays, no hard words, no complicated jargon, or too graphic pictures.

Keep the emails short so that, within a glance, the customer can quickly identify the content in them and take the necessary action.

If the emails are too long, the customer will quickly exit the email and might never open emails from your marketing team again.

7. Sounding too professional and promotional

Marketing emails are meant to create awareness and promote your product, but every email should follow a different pattern, with multiple CTA and many offer listings.

Sometimes, you can pen a personalized note to your customers for supporting you in your journey to build a brand that matters. You can also provide them with exclusive offers and compel them to look at your products. At other times, you can promote your products.


Final Thoughts

Email marketing can earn you a considerable profit margin if you manage to find the right trick. Sometimes, getting more personal with your customers helps you establish a humane connection with them. You could also reach out to them during their special days, like birthdays, and offer them some fantastic deals.


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