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Getting a return request for an order is an unfortunate thing. It's way more difficult for the customer as well. Thus, both parties must deal with the return ordeal, and it need not be hard on either of them. Enter return management software that makes returns easy for customers and e-commerce businesses.

Why choose a return management software

The return management system/software accelerates the return process, making it simple and fast for both parties involved. Usually, when the returns are manually handled, a massive chunk of time is wasted in generating return slips, labels, etc.

With return management software, these menial manual jobs are automated, and the whole process becomes transparent. Thus, both the customer and you will know what is happening with the product.

The best return management software will seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce business platform/website, making the returns procedure uncomplicated and visible. This software will help you automate all the paperwork and documentation regarding the returns and also give you valuable insights on how to reduce the overall return rate.

Further, when the process is handed over to the best return management software that integrates well with your business platform, the customers have a positive return experience. Don't worry when customers ask for a return or refund. If you can make the experience positive, they will still prefer you and buy products from your platform.

When the returns process is automated, the customers can directly request a return without going through any customer service executives. The lesser human interaction, the faster the entire process becomes, which is true in the case of return orders on e-commerce platforms.

What features to look for in a return management software

The best return management system/software will have the following features:

1. A self-service portal for customers to fast-track their return requests

A self-service customer portal will enable the customers to request a refund. The customer can quickly go to the portal, request a return, and be notified of the process through email or SMS. It ensures that they don't have to be attended to by a customer care executive, and the customers can immediately hear from the customer care representatives.

Once the request is raised, the software will either accept or reject the request based on the return policy you have in place. So the customers will get to know what caused the request to be rejected, and then they can contact the company rep to know more about it. It is called Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

2. Should be transparent about the shipping process

Once the return request is accepted, the software should print the necessary shipping labels and other related documents that will allow the customers to smoothly transfer the item to the carrier to get it shipped back to the place.

3. Barcode scanning feature to reenter the returned item into the inventory

While this may not be present in every return management software, we say it's necessary. The software should be able to read barcodes. Therefore, you can quickly reenter the returned goods into the inventory without any additional paperwork.

4. Supports a variety of order flows and not just the usual returns

Apart from returns, there might be cases where the item reached the customer in an unusable form. In this case, the customer should be able to get a full refund or a new product to compensate for it. The software should be able to handle all these requests without minimal intervention from your side.

Our top picks for return management software

1. Returnly

Top Features:

  • Supports International returns
  • Can set up custom rules to accommodate a variety of order flows
  • Automatically shows the next best alternative for the product

2. Loop Returns

Top Features:

  • Can be customized to add additional value to the return orders
  • Produces an exchange walkthrough guide that helps with an easy return-and-exchange process
  • Generates reports based on the data collected over time


To Sum it up

Return management software ensures the return process is smooth for the customer and the e-commerce business owner. It's a win-win!


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