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E-Commerce chatbots/eCommerce bots have become quite popular in recent years. Previously used to collect feedback, now chatbots can do a wide range of things that would genuinely help your eCommerce business. Well, we are not going to build up the hype. Let's find out how to integrate chatbots and Artificial intelligence into your eCommerce business to boost sales.

4 sales-boosting strategies involving AI and eCommerce bots

1. Automate a significant portion of the sales cycle

Use the eCommerce chatbots enabled on your website to guide your customer further down the sales funnel. For example, instead of letting the customer wander on your platform and do most of the research themselves, narrow it all down for them by presenting the best possible sales options. It can be identified with the help of data analytics.

Enable the chatbot to reach out to the customer through the messaging apps they have been permitted to use. For example, today's chatbots can quickly and seamlessly take forward the conversation on Whatsapp. This way, it becomes easier for the customer to stay connected to your website without actually being on it.

With the help of AI and your eCommerce bots, you can easily suggest your products and help expedite sales closure. Further, you are doing solid good for your business and easing the customer's job. They no longer have to wander around to find the right fit.

2. Use chatbots for upselling and cross-selling

Upselling shows better alternatives for a particular product if the customer is interested. The chatbots can quickly understand what the customer might be looking for by studying their behavioral data.

For example, suppose a customer is searching for body butter, but that product is out of stock. In that case, you can suggest body oils, which are way more nourishing and popular. It is called upselling.

Cross-selling involves recommending products compatible with the products the customers have already purchased. For example, suppose the customer has already bought a moisturizer from your website when they come in the next time. In that case, you can suggest a serum that would go better with that specific moisturizer. You can also suggest additional products that go well with the products they have in their shopping bag.

3. Reduce the problem of cart abandonment

Card abandonment happens when the customers leave the cart midway without completing the purchase. You can reduce this by reminding the customers through chatbots or showing them the latest offers that give them the best value for their money.

If you have eCommerce bots on your site, they will help you track down the customers and send them personalized messages to remind them that they have items still in the cart. Sometimes a quick reminder might bring them back to the website and compel them to complete their purchase.

4. Respond to product queries faster

Many times, customers have doubts regarding their product. It is also one of the leading causes why most customers leave their cart midway. They are still determining one or many of the features of the product. Suppose an eCommerce bot is installed on your platform and can access the product catalog. In that case, customers can be better assisted.

The chatbot can pull out the correct information at the right time. It will help provide a personalized answer to the customers, and you won't need to hire a representative.

Customers can get answers on time, which would help achieve better cart purchase completion rates.


Final Thoughts

You are upgrading your eCommerce platform to accommodate the latest AI trends, including eCommerce chatbots. Not only will you be able to see an increase in the number of sales, but you can also ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customers always expect VIP treatment. If an eCommerce bot can provide that luxury treatment, why wait to jump on this bandwagon?


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