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Good customer service is literally the make or break for an e-commerce business. You might have the best logistics in the world and offer the products at an unbelievable price. Still, if you are not there when your customers want you, they won't return for your products again.

With chatbots and live chat services, the face of customer service and support has changed rapidly in recent years. But what stood firm was the FAQ pages. They continue to be part of every e-commerce website, and there's a reason why they're still there.

Why do e-commerce websites need FAQ pages?

FAQs answer the most commonly asked questions about a product or service. Combined with a detailed product description, this would solve most of a customer's doubts about the product.

Not all e-commerce sites can afford to keep live chat support at all times. Sure, you can employ a chatbot for customers that purchase outside working hours. But, even then, FAQ pages are a must for your website.

The customers can quickly figure out the crucial details regarding the product without having to search much. Having an FAQ page for each product will also reduce the burden on your customer support executive.

Additionally, you can also leave a comment section so that customers can leave their questions and your executive can answer them, which can then be shared as an FAQ.

How to build a fool-proof FAQ page?

When building an e-commerce website FAQ page, you must include all possible customer questions regarding the product. At times it would be the most straightforward question you can imagine. Still, if the customer doesn't get an answer, they might abandon their quest immediately.

1. Conduct thorough research to identify the potential questions.

The first place to look should be your competitor's website. See what questions they have included in their FAQ page and what additional questions the customers seek answers for in the comments or review column.

Analyze the long tail keywords for that particular product. Many a time, customers simply Google the queries they have regarding a product. If you identify the right long-tail keywords, you can figure out the questions from them.

Quora and Reddit are other useful community platforms to conduct your research. This might be an unconventional method, but trust us; you will get fruitful results.

Finally, pay heed to the customer service requests that you have been receiving. Regularly update your FAQs to include the latest requests so that another customer doesn't have to go through the hassle of contacting the customer service executive to get an answer.

2. Make your FAQ page easily seen and accessible.

Websites often have an FAQ page but need help to be seen when the customer searches. That should be the case.

Place the FAQ page on the same page as the product description, if possible, as close to it. Once the customer quickly scans the description and FAQ page, they will get a quick idea of what the product is and what to expect from it.

3. Always include the payment options and methods available as a mandatory FAQ.

Of the FAQs you plan to include on every product page, one should be about all the payment methods you offer.

Imagine the frustration the customer might have when they discover that your website doesn't have the payment option they hoped for. They had to follow a series of procedures like entering the address and contact details only to find out they couldn't order the product.

To avoid this, include the payment methods, refund policy, and the expected delivery charge as one of the FAQs.


To Sum It Up

You might not have to include many unnecessary questions– just the important ones that immediately come into your customers' minds when they see the product.

Answer the questions in a line or two, or follow a bulleted approach. If the customer wants a detailed solution, you could direct them to a different page with the details. And that's how you build an FAQ page!


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