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Creating a stunning product feed is one of the ways to grab your customer's attention when they are randomly scrolling through the marketplace. Sure, it can be difficult if you are a new commerce owner and need more money to hire a professional photographer to take some stunning shots of your products. Don't worry; these product photography ideas will help you click attention-worthy pictures that will drive in extra sales.

3 creative ideas to grab stunning photos of your products

1. Style your products effectively.

Your product photos should resonate with your brand's identity, but at the same time, they shouldn't be monotonous and boring. Suppose you style all your products the same way. In that case, the marketplace will look like a copy-and-paste catalog and might not intrigue your customer.

You might have few options to alter the color, as it might tamper with the theme of your brand, but you can style each product differently.

Diagonal positioning of products:

A simple top photo will only do the trick if you deal in some wearables. Instead of its diagonal, the customer can quickly get a view of the top part of the product, its sides, and a perception of its size. You might have to click a number of pictures so the customer gets an idea of the product.

Add some elements

Instead of placing your product alone in the frame, you can add a nice touch by adding sub-elements that accentuate the product. With that said, you should be extra careful not to include distractive elements that might grab the attention away from the product.

Notice how the hands put the coffee in focus, and it's tilted a bit to include the appearance of froth at the top of the bottle. This picture indeed looks aesthetic and is quite simple to capture as well.

2. Add some natural lighting to it.

Studio lighting gives your product an unnatural feel to it. It would look glossy and perfect. Customers love having that natural touch to the product when all photos seem heavily edited and absolutely perfect. While this result is desired in most cases, you can deviate from the usual practice and spice things up by showcasing your product in natural lighting.

See how these bars of soap look in natural light. You can see the textures and patterns without that glossy finish. Even though there's editing involved, the natural effect just adds to the simplicity of the photo.

3. Show the product in action.

Customers like to see how the product can be incorporated into their daily life. They love a picture that tells a lot about the product and one that helps them make an easy decision. Just show them that through your photos.

This photo of body butter is an absolute gem. It shows the hand model applying it on their hands, and the customer also gets a good idea of the product's texture and what it looks like inside the packaging. Also, notice how the photographer played with the natural lighting, which throws a shade on how the product performs in daylight conditions. Simply magical!

Final Thoughts

Notice what all these photos have in common? A simple, less distracting background that sheds all the attention on the product. This is a crucial factor you must remember while you capture your products. Even if you use models, remember that the models are just props in the frame that can be used to highlight the product.

Always play with the angles. It gives character to your marketplace photos and helps the customers get a holistic view of the product when they see a series of photos together.

Now take that camera in hand and click some good shots of your product. We are sure the ideas will flow in! Try to weigh the human factor and think like a customer.


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