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Global e-commerce fulfillment can be a nerve-wracking process for a business owner. Your customer is in some part of the world and receives your product in its best condition right on time. There's too much at stake, and that's when you should go for a global e-commerce fulfillment software or platform that is an expert in the field.

Without much ado, let's explore the top player in the global e-commerce fulfillment industry:

1. ClickPost

The platform is the solution to all your e-commerce shipping needs. It helps you streamline all your processes, including multi-carrier integrations, returns processing, warehouse management, and order management. ClickPost has operations in more than 150 countries; it is one of the world's fastest-growing shipping software and logistics platforms.

Notable features:

  • Automatically suggests the best shipping option based on different key shipping metrics.
  • Get a holistic view of orders across all the platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Magento.
  • Excellent customer support service that helps you with all kinds of discrepancies in your shipping process
  • Easily manage the COD deliveries, get a close view of the remittances, and even get great insights into the performance of your current carrier.

2. AfterShip

If you have difficulty tracking your global e-commerce orders, then AfterShip is your best bet. They are known in the field for their magnificent order-tracking abilities that will help you closely monitor the status of your shipments at any time of the day.

AfterShip will be your savior if you plan to go for multiple carriers to get your package shipped across the country. Go to AfterShip and ensure that the chosen carriers are on their integrations/partners list.

Notable features:

  • Get your own branded tracking page that genuinely reflects your brand identity
  • Has integrations with all major selling channels and over 1000 carriers from around the world which helps you get great clarity on where your shipment is at the moment
  • Amazing UI with a particular mobile app that helps you be in the know at all times

3. Expership

Expership connects shipping partners with e-commerce companies and improves carrier visibility. They also act as a 4PL company wherein you can outsource the entire supply chain and logistics.

They focus on bettering the shipment handling between carriers and thrive on providing transparency at all stages.

Notable Features:

  • Helps you to order imports in bulk, select the number of orders per shipment, and choose whether to go for built-in vehicle routing.
  • Provides an option to deliver your orders via ocean, air, or land.
  • Can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and provide real-time order tracking visibility.
  • Has in-built integrations like QuickBooks and TriumphPay that let you easily monitor and manage your finances.
  • Get maximum supply chain visibility with the help of over-the-route tracking or end-to-end shipment tracker.

4. ShipStation

Shipstation is a holy grail for online companies and works globally to make order fulfillment a no-brainer. They have established operations in Australia, North America, South America, Europe, and some parts of Asia.

Notable features:

  • Easy integration with your existing CRM, ERP, selling channels, and other e-commerce platforms.
  • Provides inventory management services for online stores.
  • Has a branded tracking facility that ensures your shipment never leaves out of sight.
  • An excellent customer service team to support you at every step.


Final Thoughts

Getting your orders across countries is a complex task. It becomes an ordeal when you have multiple dispatch orders involving several different carriers. Things can go messy in no time, and that's where a globally recognized e-commerce fulfillment software or platform like the ones mentioned above comes to your rescue.

Choose a platform that best suits your business. All of the platforms mentioned have different solutions and packages. You can go for one that best fits your budget and brings greater returns for your business.

Good Luck ahead.


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